e-Sie Care - online therapy

e-Sie Care – online therapy

Sie Psychologen also offers the possibility of providing full or partial “online” care. e-Sie Care is ideally suited for people who find it difficult to come to the practice, have a busy job or are expats abroad. e-Sie Care allows our services to be more accessible. Here’s how you can:

  • Start a therapy session with a minimal waiting time
  • Follow therapy sessions via online chat or video from your work or home, so you don’t have to worry about visiting our practice
  • Follow therapy sessions from abroad via online chat or video
  • Feel more comfortable having digital help available wherever you are

Go to our sign up page on our website, where you enter some brief information and answer a few screening questions. This will enable our healthcare providers to provide a plan that is best suited for you. We can then offer additional self-help via our e-health solution from Therapieland or our own self-help modules.

A suitable health care provider will be assigned via e-Sie Care based on the screening. Face-to-face conversations between you and the healthcare provider can take place by means of video calling on a computer, tablet or smartphone. Your online therapy may include other digital tools such as modules, journals and action plans. In addition, we are digitally integrated with general practitioners and other mental healthcare organizations via our regional care network, so that you can be assured to receive the most relevant and appropriate care.

Even if you have not signed up directly for e-Sie Care online therapy, but are on the waiting list for a therapist, you can transfer to a program in our e-Clinic. This way you can choose whether to avoid the regular waiting time and opt for an online treatment.